Puralã - Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Restart* / Safety programme

“Anti-Covid” measures to reduce hygiene and sanitary risks

(Our procedures follow WHO, DGS, NHS and AHP standards and guidelines).


In the units of the Natura Group IMB Hotels we adopt measures that reinforce the cleanliness and disinfection of the spaces and that guarantee the recommended social distancing. Above all we want you to enjoy an excellent stay, always with maximum comfort and confidence.

(*) The Restart Programme is an exclusive NATURA IMB HOTELS.

Supported by three objectives, focused on customer satisfaction: safety / sustainability / digitalization

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Measures and Procedures

We plan your stay to enjoy it with maximum comfort and safety

  • On arrival, before check-in
  • Body temperature control. Guests with a temperature of 38ºC or higher will not be allowed access to the unit;
  • We may exercise the right of admission to the facility for persons exhibiting symptoms consistent with Covid 19.
Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Check-in and service

Check-in will be more flexible;

Room Orientation on your room TV or via webapp (coming soon).

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa


Our staff has specific training on Covid 19 prevention, our internal protocol and the preventive measures adopted;

Uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate to the function to be performed.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Restaurant and Bars

Reduced occupancy, in order to ensure safety distance between guests and staff;

Differentiated meal booking times;

Buffet service adapted to breakfast;

All mise en place (cutlery, glass, plate….) is made available at the customer’s table, after sanitization of the same;

Use of QR Code, in order to make available the menu and services inherent to the meals;

Disinfection of table and chair between uses.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Common areas and enclosed spaces

Frequent cleaning of all common areas, especially critical points;

Placement of SABAs at strategic points for hand disinfection;

Redesigned layout;

Obligatory use of mask.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Rooms and Suites

Quarantine for a minimum of 48 hours between stays;

Occupancy limited to approximately 50% of rooms;

Blankets and pillows available on request at reception.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Entertainment activities

Security distance guaranteed. We favour, whenever possible, nature, the outdoors and outdoor activities;

Kids Club: activities with a restricted number of participants, by appointment.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Natura Club Spa

Access reserved for guests staying here;

Maximum occupancy capacity reduction;

Disinfection of sun loungers between use and disposal to ensure safety distancing;

Temporary restrictions imposed by DGS (jacuzzi, sauna, hamman).

Swimming pools: prior booking of periods of use.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa


Service available by appointment;

Disinfection of all equipment and utensils between users;

Safe distance between equipment;

Mask use is strongly recommended (unless designated as mandatory areas).

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Laundry service

Adapted to current needs and according to DGS guidelines.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Payment methods

We favour payment by credit card, online or contactless methods.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Events and Conferences

Adapted to current needs and according to DGS guidelines;

Possibility of open-air meetings (Eco-meetings).

We have a contingency plan as well as an isolation area (room) for situations where there are confirmed or suspected cases of Covid 19.

The procedures described are subject to change without notice.

Puralã Wool Valley Hotel & Spa