Puralã - Wool Valley Hotel & Spa


We prioritise the health and well-being of our guests during their entire stay at Hotel Puralã and provide a wide range of rituals and facial and body massages that will allow you to disconnect, relieve tension and feel relaxed.

Here are some of the massages available:

Candle massage

For 50 minutes, enjoy this great relaxing massage that eases tension by relieving stress. Experience the pleasant sensation of the flowing drops of vegetable butter that caress your skin with a soft, sweet warmth.

Hot stone massages

A 75-minute massage that provides relaxation and an energetic balance between body and mind through stones in synergy with essential oils.

Relaxing Massage (50min)

This relaxing massage with essential oils lasting 50 minutes will guarantee a unique moment of relaxing sensations. Ideal for relieving muscle tensions and stress. Various aromas available.

Localised massage (20min)

Enjoy this 20-minute localised massage that uses the potential of essential oils and vegetables to help relieve localised stress and pain.

Please ask at reception for more detailed information and to make your booking.

*VAT services included at the current rate.