Puralã - Wool Valley Hotel & Spa

Treatments and therapies

We offer a range of nutritional and regenerative treatments that will restore a feeling of softness and well-being to your skin and your body.

Treatments available:

Aroms Natur body exfoliation

This marine crystal treatment provides body exfoliation by returning a silky touch to the skin and helps eliminate dead cells. For 50 minutes, this treatment relieves muscle tensions, restoring comfort and health to your skin.

Suitable for anyone and in particular before any treatment therapy.

Anti-cellulite treatment with green tea

60-minute treatment that stimulates the elimination of fat deposits in the body through the lipolytic action of the green tea plant.

Its therapeutic effects help reduce stubborn cellulitis by dissolving fatty lumps, while nourishing and regenerating the skin with visible results in a few sessions.

Suitable for anyone, including people experiencing thyroid gland conditions.

Slimming treatment with algae

Body treatment with Arôms Natur algae, using a combination of 3 different types of whole algae (which retains all its properties) to combat accumulated fats while detoxifying the body. Duration: 60 minutes.

Please ask at reception for more detailed information and to make your booking.

*VAT services included at the current rate.